Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept Perfect Money , Bitcoin and Bank Wire. If you prefer to deposit via bank wire (minimum wire transfer deposit is $5,000), please contact us.

I don't have  Perfect Money or Bitcoin  account, what should I do?
You can open a free :
Perfect Money account here:
Bitcoin account here:

How do I fund my  Perfect Money or Bitcoin account?
You may fund your account through many reputable exchangers that offer many funding options and service every country in the world:

How secure are Forex Markets Ltd I.T. solutions?
We provide one of the more secured solutions in the industry. As with all systems, there is no 100% guaranteed security. We constantly upgrade our system solutions in order to stay ahead and secured.

How can I buy Bitcoin?
You can buy Bitcoin through online exchangers. Online exchangers accept domestic or international wires and then proceed to sell your standard currency and buy Bitcoin.

It is stated that my investment is guaranteed by Forex Markets Ltd; how does this guarantee work?
Your fixed returns are guaranteed every month through Forex Markets Ltd. Many conventional investments do not guarantee their investors profit but Forex Markets Ltd guarantees profit to the investors as time/period of payment is pre-set upon any investment.

Is there an age limit for a Forex Markets Ltd  Trading Account holder?

How long will an Forex Markets Ltd  exist for investors to take part?
This depends on the amount of investment that an Forex Markets Ltd  is targeting. One Forex Markets Ltd might target to collect a total of USD800 million while another might target USD7 billion. Once the target is hit, the particular Forex Markets Ltd will no longer be available to any investor.

What happen when any particular Forex Markets Ltd is no longer available for Forex Markets Ltd  investors?
There will always be an Forex Markets Ltd  available for Financial Planners and Consultants to promote and for Forex Markets Ltd  investors to invest in.

Where do you pay my profit?
Your profit will be sent paid directly into the ecurrency account you invested from.

I have large fund that I intend to invest in Forex Markets Ltd. Do you have a special protocol, or deals or offers?

No. All investments are treated the same and will have to go through same channel and procedures.

Is investing in Forex Markets Ltd legal for me?
That would depend on your, and your countries, judiciary interpretation of legality. Some countries prohibit their nationals from investing in off-shores while others prohibit investment through Internet facilities. Most financially liberal countries do not prohibit such investments. We do not advise our investors to break any law. As far as Forex Markets Ltd  is concerned, it is a legitimate Financial Facility under Forex Markets Ltd platform for its global investors.

Is promoting Forex Markets Ltd Financial Facility a legal activity?
That depends on the rule of the land. We always advise our Financial Planners and Consultants who are actively promoting Forex Markets Ltd to exercise caution and not to hold public meeting or functions unless the law in your country sanctions such moves. Our Terms and Conditions also prohibit investors from "over-promoting," "over-promising" and "over-advertising." As much as we appreciate the excitement that is generated by all our investors, we do not want our investors anywhere in the world to face any problems with regulatory authorities.)

Forex Markets Ltd  is governed under which jurisdiction?
Forex Markets Ltd  is governed under Forex Markets Ltd Terms and Conditions.

Can you provide me with the license number or photocopy of a financial license from a globally recognize financial market, or any reference of your dealings with PLCs around the world?
Under Forex Markets Ltd  Terms of Use for Forex Markets Ltd  global investors, we have decided that no such references will be produced and quoted at any time due to management, security and Privacy Policies & Act.

Do you accept phone calls and fax-in?
No. We do not accept calls and fax from unidentified sources.

We have built the Forex Markets Ltd  facility using a fully integrated online platform. We expect all requests, complaints and transactions to be carried out in this manner only. We have set up our system in such a way as to build Forex Markets Ltd  into a global financial platform utilizing the best online solutions possible, with periodic upgrades.